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    Telecommunications operators

    Needs of the sector

    The telecommunications sector is very dynamic and operators need to have great flexibility and realize continuous great investments in networks and in access development, to arrive to the greatest number of clients with an updated and competitive service portfolio.

    Strong competence of the sector, price diminishing and the present economic situation make investments difficult. This fact could make loose competitiveness to operators with global offer of telecommunications services.

    Masvoz solution

    Masvoz has integrated in the network the second operator of national telecommunications, a telephone advanced platform; through it the operator complements its services of Intelligent Network with all added value Masvoz has developed.

    Thanks to this solution, the operator can offer the clients an innovative Intelligent Network service with the possibility of on-line configuration, access to reports at real time and high added value services, such as remote call recording, fax reception in the e-mail account or voice interactive response (IVR).

    In only two years the operator has captured more than 150 clients with high volume of calls, thanks to the application of the Intelligent Network Numbers management application developed and maintained by Masvoz.

    Main advantages

    With this solution, the telecommunication operators have the possibility of:

    • Including in their catalogue a high added value service without having to make any investment, because Masvoz pays the purchasing and installation costs of the equipment and only invoices the operator the maintenance according to volume of carried out calls.
    • Giving an image of operator with innovative solutions and adapted to continuous changes of the sector and the needs of clients. Flexibility of the platform allows carrying out tailor made solutions in the minimum time.
    • Offering the clients an education service, assessment and incidences management 24x7 with no added cost, because Masvoz pays these services management.
    • Maintaining the service updated without additional investments, because the maintenance provided by Masvoz includes updates of the platform and new developments.
    • Capturing clients with high volume of calls of Intelligent Network.