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    Tarot companies and professionals

    Sector requirements

    Information Services Providers (ISP) providing tarot, esoteric, para-scientific or alternative services invest heavily in communication and advertising to attract users to their services, and it is therefore essential to have access to the best financial payment conditions to keep them competitive in the market.

    Telephone support is usually provided in telemarketing environments located all over the world, making it essential to ensure the reliability and correct functioning of all calls generated, as well as access to the best configuration and supervision tools together with real-time statistics.

    Finally, it’s vital to have access to all information related to telephone traffic billing, unpaid and re-invoiced calls, as clearly and transparently as possible.

    Masvoz Solution

    Masvoz has developed a specific solution for main tarot agencies consisting of:

    The supply of numbers and services required by Tarot agencies in their day-to-day activity: Premium Services (806 lines), National Rate (902 lines), Virtual geographic numbers (93..., 91... lines) and Premium SMS Services. All with the best financial conditions.

    Access to the Control Panel, through which the agency can control all the most adavanced switchboard functionalities without having to invest in equipment or maintenance:

    • Monitoring and listening in to each and every call received to optimise supervision of the service: duration of active calls, free/occupied agents, etc.
    • Reports and statistics in real time.
    • Online management of line configurations: times, destination changes, jumps, conversation management, etc.
    • Transfer of calls to anywhere in the world without occupying the client’s switchboard channels.
    • Free switching to land lines in Spain.

    In addition, we offer Tarot companies a series of additional services specifically created for this sector:

    • Excess calls. Call centre available 24/7, 365 days a year with over 50 simultaneous agents to prevent loss of calls when the agency is overworked.
    • Advertising Financing. Masvoz enjoys agreements with advertising agencies in specialised media, providing access to important discounts and 30-day financing to achieve more profitable and effective campaigns.
    • Advanced payment. This option enables Tarot companies to receive their payment 10 days after the end of their billing cycle, instead of the usual 40 days.
    • Active management of black lists. You can manage your black lists independently and with complete flexibility, because you have different options of loading numbers: one by one, manual loading of a massive list, automatic loading of all the numbers that unpaid you, automatic loading of the numbers that exceed the limit you decide...
    • Mass SMS delivery. An option that enables interaction and promotes loyalty in agency clients by sending SMS messages fast and cost-effectively.

    Main advantages

    • Masvoz integrates all user contact channels in a single provider.
    • High compensation for premium rate services with the option of advancing payment to just 10 days.
    • The Control Panel offers multiple configuration options for your lines and services that will help manage your agency efficiently.
    • Real time information and follow up of calls received by your agency is also available.
    • On-line Call recording allows service quality auditing.
    • The solution offered by Masvoz implies a notable reduction of costs related to telecommunications infrastructure (phone lines, switchboard maintenance, metering licenses) as, once the call is transferred, switchboard channels are freed. There’s no limit to simultaneous calls.
    • The active black list management enables you to reduce the level of chargebacks of your premium rate services.
    • Finally, you have a detailed billing breakdown with a complete list of chargebacks.