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    Exporting and multinational companies

    What does your business need?

    • A global and standardized communications system for all the countries in which you operate (one supplier, one invoice).
    • Control and global vision of every voice service in your business, supervision, statistics, auto-setting, multi-language management.
    • One centralized customer service centre for all your clients, regardless of the country they are located, or a service centre with agents distributed in different countries.
    • To have customer service numbers for each country so that you are present there without the need to have physical premises in each one.
    • For outgoing calls, to be identified with the same numbering system as the recipient country.
    • A solution that allows you to use and integrate the infrastructure already available in each different country.
    • Functions of advanced telephony.
    • “Local” rates for international calls
    • Free calls between branches.

    Masvoz Solution

    We offer you a comprehensive solution in the cloud, that allows you to cover all of these needs, whether you currently have a Centralized customer service with clients in multiple countries, or offices located in different countries

    Choose the numbering you want to attend to your clients with: toll free number, shared cost, national rate and local numbers. If you already have these numbers with another operator, ask Masvoz for portability at no extra cost.

    Add all the functions of intelligent telephony. Optimize the telephone attention in your business or contact centre, both for incoming and outgoing calls: voice recordings, routings, virtual and IVR operators, voicemail, call monitoring, queue management, voice recognition, text to speech, etc.

    Complete your chosen solution with other products: VoIP Lines, Cloud contact center, Virtual PBX, Virtual Fax, SMS Push, Multiconference, BizPhone etc.

    All of these products are managed in real time, autonomously and with total flexibility from the Control Panel

    Key advantages

    Customer Service

    • Global and local corporate image. It doesn’t matter where they call you from, all your clients will receive the same response. Additionally, outgoing calls to other countries, will be received with the same numbering system as the recipient country.
    • Resource optimization. The possibility to manage the resources of all your offices in one standardized way: staff, timetables, languages, etc.
    • Monitoring, supervision, and configuration in real time of the services managed by the Masvoz telephone system through a multi-language Control Panel .
    • Projects integrated with CRM. Call management integrated in CRM or client information integrated in the agents who manage calls.

    IT in the cloud

    • Administration and management. A global layer of intelligent telephony in the cloud based on the existing local infrastructure, allows for monitoring the progress of the service in real time, obtain reports and statistics of the operations, a simple configuration without depending on external maintenance as well as the possibility to monitor any calls.
    • Greater availability, security and quality. The Masvoz platform is protected, redounded, updated and monitored in 3 data centres. Communications are secured by private network and with technical service 24x7.
    • Easy access. Access to the Masvoz platform from any system with Internet connection.


    • Global presence. Worldwide numbering, just one supplier in multiple countries and one invoice.
    • Cost reduction. Free calls between branches, international calls at “local” rates.
    • Minimum investment. No set up or maintenance costs, as the existing infrastructure is used. 
    • Flexible with no long-term contacts. Almost immediate service delivery. Increase and decrease services depending on your business activity. Pay per use.
    • Security regulations in other countries.