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    Financial entities

    Needs of the sector

    For financial entities clients it is very important to access to the information related to their accounts and carrying out operations in a quick way and from any place. Therefore, these entities have to put at their clients’ disposal all possible communication channels and guaranteeing a dynamic and safe access to information.

    Masvoz solution

    Masvoz has designed a complete information exchange system at real time for important financial entities between your network and the clients’ databases.

    In this way the user calling the Customer Service in the financial entity, can carry out completely free consultations and operations in a safe an automatic way, without the need of intervention of an agent.

    Some examples of this type are:

    • Consulting the balance of the accounts
    • Credit cards cancelling
    • Knowing the location of the nearest cash machines

    Masvoz also offers the financial entities the possibility of integrating the SMS massive sending gateway (Push SMS) in their client’s management systems; in this way the users can receive multiple SMS types in their mobile phones, like for example:

    • Loyalty programs and marketing campaigns
    • Balance alert notices
    • Account movements
    • Credit card operations superior to a specified amount
    • Services activation

    Main advantages

    • Customer Service costs reduction, thanks to automatisation of most common operations.
    • Dynamic integration and at low cost of the SMS sending and calls reception service with the client’s system.
    • Detailed information and on-line access at all types of received calls statistics (Control Panel).
    • With the SMS massive service, the financial entity has a low cost and completely integrated direct communication cannel in the clients’ management system.