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    Airlines companies

    Needs of the sector

    In a highly competitive sector such as the airlines one, costs saving and excellence in customer service have turned into key factors.

    Traditionally, airlines companies at international level have several national customer service 902 numbers, for the sales services, modifications and attention to wholesale agents and only one international number for all services. The great volume of received calls and the distribution of the same between several call centers suppose great costs for the company and make it difficult to control and supervise the quality of the customer service.

    Masvoz solution

    Some of the most important European airline companies Masvoz have a solution developed by Masvoz consisting in:

    • Combining different kinds of Intelligent Network Numbers (National Rate 902) and Premium Services 807 with retribution for the airline company) according to the service and copy the same model in all those countries where the company has its destinies (International telephone numbers).
    • Activating several profile users with access to the Control Panel, so that every area can audit the provided service by the different call centers, thanks to the on-line call recording and analyzing at real time all information of the received calls and service quality parameters.
    • Integrating the SMS sending service (Push SMS) with company’s client management tool, to habilitate a system of direct communication with the passenger, to confirm your booking through it, send a modification notice of a flight or sending last minute offers and promotions.

    Main advantages

    • Thanks to combination of a national number (902) and Premium numbering (807), at national and international level, the airline company turns its client customer service in a new source of income.
    • Information and follow up at real time of the received calls by the several provided services from Customer Service.
    • Control and supervision of the quality Customer Service has.
    • With massive SMS sending, the airline company has a new dynamic communication channel and at a very low cost.
    • The recording service of on-line calls enables auditing the quality of the service of customer service, as well as maintaining a registry of internal communications with crew and cabin staff.