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    Logistics companies

    Needs of the sector

    For the transports and logistics companies it is important to have tools that allow them personalizing the customer service, contracting facilitating and carrying out the follow up of the service of packages sending.

    The presence of several offices distributed in several provinces could difficult the access of information of the activity of the different branches and consequently, supervision and centralized management of operations.

    Masvoz solution

    Masvoz has designed a solution that optimizes efficiency of customer service, facilitates the follow up of the sending and allows centralized supervision of the activity.

    This solution, used by leading companies of the sector, consists in:

    • Using only one number of customer services at national level for orders reception (Intelligent network numbers).
    • Guaranteeing that every client is served by the nearest office, thanks to the system developed by Masvoz of call routing according to post code. This patented system analyzes the information of the source number of the calls and through an innovative analyze process determines the post code of the calling user. The system does not require the introduction of the post code by the user and it is even available if the call has hidden the visualization of the source number.
    • Integrating in the same application (Control Panel) all information of received calls by every office, offering the possibility to audit the activity of the offices and the levels of the service provided by any of them in relation to customer service.
    • Facilitating the user the follow up of the sending, thanks to Masvoz SMS sending Gateway (Push SMS). In this way, the user receives in the mobile notifications of change of state of the carried out service.

    Main advantages

    • Intelligent management of the calls: every user is served automatically by the nearest office. If a user wants to be transferred to another office, the Masvoz platform memorizes the preference and uses it for later communications.
    • Transferences of the calls between offices at no cost for the company.
    • Access at real time to the information of the telephone calls.
    • With the SMS massive sending service, the logistics company has a completely integrated low cost, modern direct communication channel in the clients’ management system that allows the user to be informed at the moment of the changes in the sending.