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    Virtual PBX

    Your flexible and efficient phone system

    Virtual PBX - Masvoz

    Masvoz’s virtual PBX offers all the features of an advanced telephone PBX with the advantages of cloud services so that you can manage your incoming and outgoing calls in the most efficient and flexible way:

    • Your PBX will be working in a few hours.
    • Pay per use, no activation, penalties or permancence fees.
    • Up to 80% cheaper calls, free calls between extensions or offices.
    • Unlimited fixed and mobile extensions, regardless of location.
    • With a full range of intelligent telephony functionalities (IVR, ACD...).
    • Easy management from the multidevice Control Panel Masvoz Cloud Manager.

    Virtual PBX

    Features and benefits

    The virtual PBX offers all advantages cloud communications services as for flexibility, saving, speed, usability and robustness.


    Optimize your resources and maximize your organization effectiveness with advanced features like automatic routing, IVR, welcome messages and call recording among many others, that are also easily managed from the control panel Masvoz Cloud Manager.

    Terminals and mobility

    The PBX offers maximum flexibility to its users, who can handle calls from different devices based on their location or their current needs: from fixed IP terminals, from a mobile phone(BizPhone) or from the computer itself (webphone).

    Numbering and portability

    You can keep your current numbering through the portability of your Masvoz lines. You can also hire all kinds of phone numbering in over 70 countries.

    SIP Trunk

    If you already have an analog PBX and want to change it, or simply add extensions or IP telephony features, learn about our SIP Trunk service.

    Further information

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