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    Push SMS

    Masvoz’s mobile messenger platform enables text messages massive sending to mobile telephones (Push SMS) with agility and efficiency.

    SMS sending has so many applications as you like: advertisement campaigns, direct marketing or loyalty programs, meeting confirmation, automatic notices for a specific event, contract processes confirmation...


    The SMS Push service of Masvoz allows:

    • Sender personalisation of the sending.
    • Individually or massive message sending.
    • Contacts databases import from a spread or worksheet or a text document.
    • Senders group creation to divide communications.
    • Adding a wap adress to the message (hiperlink) to lead to tone, logos and games download...
    • Sending for a specific date and time programming.
    • Having statistical information and detailed information of the carried out sendings.
    • Exporting sent messages for later analyse or integration to databases and company applications.
    • Limit fixation for expenses budget.

    Main advantages

    • Using SMS messages for communication with clients, distributors, employees... enables interaction with them in an instantly and in a modern way, a bit intrusive and at a very low cost.
    • Masvoz’s SMS messenger platform has great simultaneous sending capacity of messages.
    • Moreover, it can integrate sent messages information to the rest of databases and applications of your company (CRM, ERP...).
    • You can also control the cost of your campaigns thanks to previous fixation of expenses budget.
    • Thanks to Control Panel you can manage configuration of the service in real time, in an autonomous way and with total flexibility. This useful tool is accessible from any device with Internet connection and is always operating (24 x 7).
    • The launching of the service is very quick and does not need any investment in systems or additional equipment.

    Hire this product

    If you want to hire this product or for more information, you can do it through Contact.