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    Global phone numbers

    Much more than numbers for your company

    Global telephone numbering - Masvoz

    In Masvoz we know a phone number is more than just a number - it is the main entrance door to your company. Therefore we offer you more effective, efficient and flexible worldwide numbering services:

    • Order and use any type of telephone number in any country in a few days.
    • Boost your international business by ordering phone numbers in more than 70 countries.
    • Maximize the results of your customer service department with specific commercial numbering.
    • Optimize resources and increase efficiencies in your organization leveraging the advanced features of intelligent numbering.
    • Simplify the management and use of your smart numbering services through the control panel: Masvoz Cloud Manager.
    • Improve efficiencies, reduce management costs and communication fees by bundling your enterprise solutions into a single worldwide provider.

    All the telephhone numbers that you need for your company

    Our complete numbering portfolio includes any kind of telephone number around the globe to fit perfectly with the specific needs of your company:

    • Local numbers.
    • Toll-free, shared-cost or national rate commercial prefixes.
    • Premium rate numbers.

    The numbering solution for your international expansion

    Activate voice lines in more than 70 countries and receive calls in your central offices or call centers without the need of physical presence in each country:

    • Be present in many countries with a minimum phone cost.
    • Build confidence in your international customers with call-center numbers specific for each country.
    • Receive incoming calls in your premises at the geographic location of your choice of any country (headquarters or global or distributed customer center).
    • Make international calls displaying a local number to the recipient.

    Advanced functionalities of intelligent telephony

    Optimize your resources and maximize your organization’s efficiency thanks to the advanced features included in our numbering services, such as automatic routing, management of voice-overs or recording of calls among others, that you can easily manage from Masvoz Cloud Manager.

    Immediate portability

    In Masvoz we deal with all the paperwork of portability so you can keep your numbers. This will be completed within 2 working days (for numbers outside Spain other terms may apply). maximum and the transition will be seamless.

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