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    Multiconference is a dynamic and flexible service that enables unifying in the same phone call a great number of geographically dispersed participants, at any time of the day any day of the week.

    This service does not require signing up, you only need to follow the instructions below.

    If you want more information, you can do so via the link 'See Section Contact' at the bottom of this page.

    Make a multiconference right now

    Step 1: Get de codes

    Simply insert the code that appears on screen and click on the “Multiconference Codes” button.

    Multiconference codes
    loader The code you entered is not valid

    The Administrator code is for the user organising the multiconference. The multiconference won’t start until this user connects, and other users who are connected will be on hold.

    The Participant code is for participants connecting to the multiconference initiated by the organiser.

    The codes assigned are reserved and available whenever the Multiconference service is needed.

    Step 2: Convene meeting attendees

    Inform attendees the Participant code provided in step 1, and one of the following access numbers available, according to the country where they are:

    Spain: 902737070 (national call rate)
    France: 0821610763 (national call rate)
    Germany: 01805012023 (national call rate)
    Italy: 199206309 (national call rate)
    Rest of the world: +34931220180 (international call rate)

    Step 3: Make the conference

    To start the conference, administrator and attendees must call the access number corresponding to them according to the country where they are and enter the appropriate code (Administrator or Participant).

    Attendees can customize the language in the start menu.

    The only cost of the service is the phone call.



    Pressing the asterisk * key accesses a menu to:

    KEY 1: Activate/Deactivate entry own sound.
    KEY 2: Block/Unblock Access to conference.

    Pressing the hash # key accesses a menu to:

    KEY 1: Modify Access codes.
    KEY 2: Listen to Access codes.
    KEY 3: Spoken information on total number of participants.


    Pressing the asterisk * key accesses a menu to:

    KEY 1: Activate/Deactivate entry own sound.

    Main advantages

    • The service becomes active immediately. Does not need previous booking. You will be able to organise an urgent meeting in a quick and efficient way, because the service is always available (24x7).
    • Very easy to use service which facilitates diaries coordination and meeting of geographically dispersed people.
    • Efficiency is also improved, because it eliminates the important travelling expenses of the company (time and money). The launching of the service is very quick and does not need any investment on systems or additional telephone equipment.
    • Security and confidentiality of communications is guaranteed.
    • It can host an unlimited number of participants.
    • The conference takes place through the telephone network, so there are no problems in synchronizing communication.

    Hire this product

    If you want to hire this product or for more information, you can do it through Contact.