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    Virtual fax

    The virtual fax offers you the possibility to receive and send faxes per e-mail.

    To send a fax, you simply have to send an e-mail attaching the document to send in PDF format.

    In the case of fax reception, the Masvoz platform is responsible of receiving the fax, transforming it in a PDF document and sending it instantly to the e-mail adress.

    The Masvoz virtual fax service does not have line limit per client; in this way your fax will never sound as engaged.


    The virtual fax allows:

    • Sender personalising of the fax.
    • Receive a delivery confirmation report about each of the carried out sendings.
    • Having a historical report of received documents in the Control Panel.
    • Associating the reception service of faxes to any kind of commercialised numbering by Masvoz (geographical, Intelligent Network Number or international).
    • Moreover, Masvoz offers the possibility to integrate the sending fax platform with its own system, through protocols post http or web services.

    Main advantages

    • The Virtual Fax enables saving an important amount of money, because you do not have to pay purchasing costs for fax machines, telephone lines fees, ink and paper.
    • Moreover, it is a much more accessible tool than a traditional fax machine, because you can send a fax from any PC with Internet connection.
    • It also improves documentation management of the company, because it can store sent or received documents in pdf format.
    • The launching of the service is very quick and does not need any investment on systems or additional equipment.
    • Security and confidenciality, as well as reception and sending of documents are guaranteed. 

    Hire this product

    If you want to hire this product or for more information, you can do it through Contact.