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    Control Panel

    Whenever you contract any of the Masvoz products you will be assigned a user access to the Control Panel, a useful and intuitive tool that allows integrated management of all your corporate communications – allowing you to enjoy all the advanced intelligent phone system functionalities Masvoz has to offer.

    Main advantages

    • Multi-device. Access all the information of your business communications from your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.
    • Web responsive. The tool fits your screen to ensure good usability regardless of device you are using.
    • User experience. Control Panel is optimized using browser windows and designed a modern, more visual and clean interface.
    • Faster. We have added performance enhancements that allow you to access information more streamlined and simple.
    • More features. Discover the new features we've included in the statistics module that lets you apply filters and change the grouping criterion with a single click.


    The Control Panel of Masvoz is organized in different modules: