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    Cloud Contact Center

    The contact center platform that fits perfectly into your business

    Cloud Contact Center - Masvoz
    The Masvoz Cloud Contact Center is a fully-fledged Contact Center platform with all the business advantages of the cloud plus the powerful features of intelligent telephony:

    • Easily manage large flows of incoming and outgoing calls with flexibility and efficiency.
    • Maximize the results of your campaigns with its high performance and advanced tools for configuration, calls management, supervision and reporting.
    • Optimize your resources, save unnecessary investments in equipment or in long deployments and minimize your costs thanks to the cloud telephony and IP telephony technology.

    Cloud Contact Center - Active Supervision - Masvoz

    Features and benefits

    Set up your Contact Center in a few hours, and manage your campaigns with versatility, flexibility and ease of use. Forget the headaches of large deployments, complicated interfaces and costly investments.

    • Powerful and efficient. Thanks to an advanced suite of features, the platform manages large volumes of incoming calls in an intelligent and optimum manner.
    • Immediate activation. The permanent availability of the cloud facilitates the initial delivery and configuration of the service.
    • No additional investments. Cloud Contact Center perfectly adapts to the infrastructure of the client, and therefore does not require any further investments in equipment or software.
    • Flexible and scalable. Feel free to reduce or extent capabilities and users instantly, adapting the resources to the changing needs of your business.
    • Easy to use. Access the system from any device through an intuitive web interface specifically designed to maximize productivity of agents and supervisors.
    • Multisite. Deliver a unified contact service from multiple national or international geographical locations thanks to the power of the cloud.
    • Seamless integration. A complete suite of APIs allows for perfect integration with corporate management tools like CRMs or ERPs.
    • Always up to date. Automatic version updates in the cloud, transparently for you and impactless for your service.
    • Secure platform. Fully protected platform, mirrored in multiple data centers which assures service continuity and secure processes.


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