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    Click to Call

    The Click to Call service is included in a website to enable calling a customer who wants to contact the company without charge. By clicking the “shall we call you?” button on the site, the user can enter their phone number to request a call.

    The Masvoz platform immediately makes two calls: one to the number introduced in the site and another to the company Call Centre. When the customer takes the call they’re connected to the Call Centre.


    Click to Call allows:

    • Personalising the Click to Call window with the company logo.
    • Choosing the number shown to users.
    • Access to stats and details of calls made.
    • Restricting service calls to specific countries.

    Main Advantages

    • Because it’s a free call for the user there’s an increase in contact calls, improved customer satisfaction and an increase in online sales.
    • Allows a large number of calls to be made simultaneously.
    • The Control Panel manages the Click to Call configuration in real time, autonomously and with total flexibility. This useful tool is accessible from any PC connected to the Internet and is always operative (24x7).
    • The service is activated very quickly and requires no investment in additional systems or equipment beyond existing structures.

    Hire this product

    If you want to hire this product or for more information, you can do it through Contact.