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    Virtual PBX


    Virtual PBX - BizPhone - Masvoz

    One of the tendencies that new technology has promoted within businesses is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It encourages staff to integrate their own devices which they are already familiar with, and use them as a work tool, resulting in much greater efficiency and productivity

    The BizPhone app, available for Android or iPhone, is the new BYOD solution from the range of telephone services available on the Masvoz cloud. 

    BizPhone allows users to make company calls from their personal smartphones, so that any costs incurred are covered by the company and not by the user. Additionally, this service offers the possibility of identifying yourself with a company telephone number, keeping your personal number hidden when making work-related calls.

    This service also allows you to manage call re-routing depending on your schedule, voicemail, automatic answers, etc.

    If additionally, BizPhone terminals are integrated with Masvoz’s Virtual PBX the smartphone acts as an extension to the switchboard and forms part of the company’s corporate dialling plan.

    Features and benefits for businesses

    For businesses

    • Call rates are up to 80% cheaper than using conventional mobile phone operators.
    • No additional costs for acquiring and managing new mobile devices.
    • No long-term contracts enforced by conventional operators.
    • Service activation and deactivation is immediate.
    • The number of lines contracted is flexible and immediately adapted to any sporadic or urgent needs the company may have.
    • The telephone number visible to the call recipient can be set, as well as the schedule during which this number is available, voicemails, automatic time-set answering, etc.
    • The company has an advanced online Control Panel for user management, call monitoring and cost control.
    • A personalized version of the APP is available with company logo and brand identification, which can only be accessed by company staff.

    For company staff

    • Each person uses their own device which they are already comfortable with.
    • There is no longer any need for two mobile phones, as personal and professional communication is managed from the same device.
    • Company calls will not show on their mobile phone bills.
    • Personal phone numbers can be protected, as a different number will be assigned for company calls, which will be the number the recipient will see and to which they will be able to call back.
    • Schedules for incoming calls can be set, voicemail and automatic answers configured, etc.

    More information

    Consult functions, advantages, modalities and rates for this product on www.bizphone.es.

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